The constant attention paid by Gruppo Bioenergie to a strategy of sustainable development and environmental protection has led the company to a constant debate with the academic world, as well as to a growing commitment in the research of technologically innovative solutions aimed at the production of clean energy.

Concerning this, a team of researchers is presently working at technologically developing the cultivation of micro-weeds that can be used not only for the production of biofuels but also for the promotion and the development of innovative cultivation technologies.

Biotema is a research company that, under the management of entrepreneurs and university teachers, is committed to the research of new renewable sources from which to draw raw materials for the production ofbiofuels.

Among the sources of non-agricultural origin, of particular interest is the cultivation of micro-weeds usable for energy purposes.

Just to this end, the company is presently carrying out an experimentation aimed at collecting useful information for the project of a plant on industrial scale.