Bioenergie Group

Bioenergie is the Italian leading Group in the production of electrical energy from virgin biomass of vegetal origin, and the first national pole that realizes and manages up-to-date power plants for the production of energy from biomasses according to the highest environmental and safety standards..

The Group is owner of San Marco Bioenergie SpA (Fe), company that operates the power plant at Bando di Argenta (Fe), with a productive capacity of about 21 net electrical MW, and is shareholder in Biomasse Italia SpA (Kr), proprietary and managing company of the power plants sited in Crotone and Strongoli, with a production capacity of around 27 net electrical MW and 45 net electrical MW respectively.

Besides, the Group is committed to the development of projects for the production of electrical energy from liquid and solid biomasses, biogases, photovoltaic and wind plants.