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Bando d’Argenta

The company San Marco Bioenergie Spa, is a member of the Bioenergie group and is engaged to manage the biomass power plant for Bando d’Argenta (FE).

The plant at Bando, with circa 21 MW net of installed power, is the largest biomass plant in Northern and Central Italy and is one of the most efficients plants of its type, producing net electricity of over 25%.

Annual energy production of circa 160.000 Mwh is the equivalent to the requirements of approximately 27.000 inhabitants. The plant is made up of two identical lines, based on a consolidated combustion removable grate. Both lines are equipped with a super-heated steam generator, a steam turbine and connected electric generator, and systems to reduce atmospheric emissions (sleeve filters, DeNOx systems type SNCR with urea and bicarbonate injections) in line with the most advanced technology available (BAT).

The biomass used for combustion is virgin and of vegetable origins. It is produced from the residue of specially cultivated fruit plants and woodland and poplar maintenance.

Reaching a level of excellence in the environmental and safety field is one of the most important goals for the Bando plant. To this end, it is equipped with a specific Monitoring and Control Plan, which is aligned with BAT and is the most up-to-date for plants of this type. The plant has rigorous and innovative procedures for origin qualification and biomass acceptance, defined according to the type of biomass supplied.

In 2009, as a result of this, it was awarded ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001.


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