Bio Green Energy

The company is focused on developing and acquiring projects in the sectors of windpower, photovoltaic solar power, biogas created from anaerobic fermentation of agricultural products or from swine and bovine excrement, and the creation of specific agro energy industry both in Italy and abroad.

Bio Green Energy develops, plans, constructs and manages plants producing “green” energy, as well as providing engineering services aimed at developing industry-specific projects for public groups and private individuals.

It also collaborates with Universities, research Orgnaisations, environmental agencies, government institutions, investing in research and development to test new emerging technologies for a “clean” and sustainable development.



Our biogas: 2MW plants at Larino and Villa Poma.

Our photovoltaic: 17 MW plants at Guglionesi, di Palata, di San Martino in Pensilis, di Vinchiaturo, di Nettuno, di Valmontone, di Bando d’Argenta e di Strongoli