An important deal

Economic valorisation of the farming scraps and environmental protection.

San Marco Bioenergie and the Ferrara Province have signed a deal for the harvesting and the “clean” disposal of the farming plant byproducts. The deal ensures the harvesting and the handling of scraps derived from the pruning and rooting out of fruit plants, contextually solving the problem of the environmental pollution caused by bonfires lit up in the open to remove farming by products.
Given its importance for the region’s economy, the signing of the deal ratified bysir Pascali, along with Mr. Bellini, town councilor for the environment of the Ferrara Province, and the Argenta municipalità mayor, Mr. Fiorentini, has become the focus of the attention of the region’s main media, both on paper and tv: a further evidente of the “green” vocation of the territory in which San Marco Bioenergie operates.

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